Do I have to create my own slashtags to use blekko?

No, you can search with any publicly visible slashtags.

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What are the different types of slashtags?

There are 3 types of slashtags:

  1. Topical – Created by blekko and curated by experts, topical slashtags are built to search only top sites for specific topics like health, tech, recipes, etc.
  2. User – User slashtags are created by you or other members of the blekko community. You can personalize your own slashtags with sites you trust.
  3. Built-in – Built-in slashtags are programmed in the back-end by blekko and perform specific search functions, such as /date (order results by date) or /blogs (search only blogs).
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How do I use a slashtag to search?

After a slashtag is created, you can use it to filter and refine your searches. Just enter it in the search box with your query, e.g., headache /aromatherapy. This will search on the query “headache” in the /aromatherapy slashtag.

For more information about searching with slashtags on blekko, please see our tutorial.

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How do I see what slashtags are available to use with my searches?

When you enter your search query, blekko will suggest some slashtags that you could try with that query. You can see a more comprehensive list of slashtags available in the slashtag directory.

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How do I create a slashtag?

blekko has hundreds of topical slashtags curated by experts. But if you want to use more slashtags than those provided by blekko, create your own with the websites you trust.

To create your own slashtag, either click on the link to “create a slashtag” or type /add in the search box and hit “search” to bring up the create slashtag form.

  • Slashtag info: give your slashtag a name (e.g. sushi-restaurants) and some keywords to describe it.
  • Add urls & slashtags: Enter URLs and slashtags to include in your slashtag. You can also search for sites to easily add to it. Adding the most relevant general part of the URL will usually give more results. For example, adding will give more results than adding a specific news article.
  • Import files: upload sites directly into your slashtag with .txt or .opml files.
  • Invite others to edit: enter usernames to invite others to edit your slashtag.
  • Public or private: make your slashtag publicly visible or only searchable by you alone.
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Can I make a private slashtag that only I can see and use?

Yes. When you create a slashtag using the create slashtag form, choose the option on the bottom of the form to “Make this slashtag private. Only I can see and use it.” This will create a private slashtag that only you can see and use. You will need to be logged in to use this slashtag.

Once a slashtag is private, it cannot be made public. If you wish to make the slashtag public in the future, you will need to delete it and re-create it as a public slashtag.

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How do I add sites to a slashtag I have already created?

You can add sites to a slashtag you have created either directly from search results or from the slashtag overview page.

From search results:

  1. Click on the “add” link on the line directly below the webpage title for the site you’d like to add.
  2. Enter the name of the slashtag you would like to add the site to.
  3. Check the box to add entire site to slashtag if you wish to add the entire domain and not just that specific link. (If the result is a domain, you won’t see this option).

From the slashtag overview page:

  1. Go the overview page for that slashtag. You can click on your username in the top right hand corner and then click on the slashtag. You can also use /view to navigate directly to your slashtag, e.g. /view sushi-restaurants would take you to your slashtag named sushi-restaurants.
  2. Click on the button to “add websites” that is located to the right of the slashtag name. This will bring up the “add websites” pop-up.
  3. You can either search for sites to add to your slashtag or enter the URLs of sites you wish to add. You can also upload a .txt or .opml file that has a list of the sites you wish to add.
  4. Click on the button on the bottom of the pop-up to “add to” your slashtag.


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What kinds of things can I add to a slashtag?

You can add an entire website:
You can add part of a website:
You can use wildcards:*linux*

Wildcards are an advanced feature, and are useful for websites where
you only want part of the website in your slashtag, and adding part
of the website doesn’t work.

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