Can I display more than 10 results?

Yes. Click on “prefs” to bring up the preferences pop-up. Click on “view settings.” You can choose to display 10 or 20 results.

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4 Responses to Can I display more than 10 results?

  1. Erur-blekko says:

    I would like Blekko to also have all settings as search parameters, like &this=0 &that=1…

    • cheralyn says:

      Thanks for the feedback. This isn’t something we are currently doing but I will pass it along to the engineering team.

  2. erur says:

    Seems Blekko can’t use any num=20 parameter, for more results.

    It also seems none of the Blekko settings works as search parameters.

  3. Hi,
    i want export all the results in a csv spreadsheet, to examine for example the outbound links from a given domain. Is it possible?