Do I have to create my own slashtags to use blekko?

No, you can search with any publicly visible slashtags.

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2 Responses to Do I have to create my own slashtags to use blekko?

  1. matt says:

    It wont let me save my slashtag… after putting al these site in there. Ridiculus that you dont have a step by step instruction (with out a lot of assumptions that your eggheads assume… the eggheads need to imagine themselves as people who dont work in your company and dont have the basics of the language of your website… where is there a step by step? Why cant i figure out why it wont save my slashtag..
    when i hit save the page jumps to the top where it says slashtag cant be found with some strange url in there w? thnks moi!

    • cheralyn says:

      Hi Matt,

      Very sorry that you are having this problem. I emailed you separately regarding getting details about the error you are getting so we can look into it.

      We will also work on putting up better instructions for creating a slashtag. Thanks for your feedback!