How do I create a slashtag?

blekko has hundreds of topical slashtags curated by experts. But if you want to use more slashtags than those provided by blekko, create your own with the websites you trust.

To create your own slashtag, either click on the link to “create a slashtag” or type /add in the search box and hit “search” to bring up the create slashtag form.

  • Slashtag info: give your slashtag a name (e.g. sushi-restaurants) and some keywords to describe it.
  • Add urls & slashtags: Enter URLs and slashtags to include in your slashtag. You can also search for sites to easily add to it. Adding the most relevant general part of the URL will usually give more results. For example, adding will give more results than adding a specific news article.
  • Import files: upload sites directly into your slashtag with .txt or .opml files.
  • Invite others to edit: enter usernames to invite others to edit your slashtag.
  • Public or private: make your slashtag publicly visible or only searchable by you alone.
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3 Responses to How do I create a slashtag?

  1. Thomas Gutjahr says:

    how do I create a slashtag /pubmed which limits a search to ?
    My current (privat) /pubmed slaghtag doesn’t work.
    Thanks, T.

  2. kathy says:

    I created a slash tag…and the words “editor-in-chief” appeared. Can you tell me what it means to be an editor-in-chief? Is everyone who creates a slash tag an editor-on-chief? Or are you the editor-in-chief if you are the first to create a specific slash tag?

    • cheralyn says:

      Yes, you are the editor-in-chief of the slashtags that you create. As editor-in-chief you can invite others to help you edit your slashtags but you remain editor-in-chief. Thanks!