How do I mark a site as spam?

To mark a site as spam, click on the spam link below the title of the site. This will place the site in your own personal spam slashtag. The sites that you mark as spam will no longer show up when you search on blekko (while you are logged in.) If you place a site in your spam slashtag in error, you can manually remove it by going to your profile, clicking on the spam slashtag, and deleting the URL of the site you wish to remove from the slashtag.

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4 Responses to How do I mark a site as spam?

  1. Brian says:

    The spam button is not showing up for me in my search results. Why is that? I would love it to be an option.

    • cheralyn says:

      Hi Brian,
      Click on your prefs (upper right of page) and look in the Manage link tools section. Click on “more” and check to make sure you have a checkbox next to the spam option. If you don’t, check the box next to spam and then close the window. If this doesn’t cause the spam link to show up, can you email us a screenshot of the page and what browser and OS you are using? You can email us at Thanks!

  2. Stephen Wilhelm says:

    Are the URLs listed in my /spam slashtag visible to anyone logged into blekko?