How do I use a slashtag to search?

After a slashtag is created, you can use it to filter and refine your searches. Just enter it in the search box with your query, e.g., headache /aromatherapy. This will search on the query “headache” in the /aromatherapy slashtag.

For more information about searching with slashtags on blekko, please see our tutorial.

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2 Responses to How do I use a slashtag to search?

  1. migo says:

    is there a way to reverse the slashtags? ie \slashtag to block results if they’re not what I want?

    • cheralyn says:

      Yes you can negate a slashtag by using !. So you would search with !/slashtag to remove the sites in the slashtag from your search results. Thanks!