What are built-in slashtags?

Built-in slashtags are programmed in the back-end by blekko and can be used to perform specific search functions or tasks, such as changing the sort order of search results or bringing up a quick view of traffic or searching third party APIs. You use a built-in slashtag by adding it to your search query.

There are 3 types of built-in slashtags:

  1. Search built-ins: You can use search built-ins such as /blogs or /forums to only search those types of sites. Or you can use /date to list the search results by most recent date. Date range searches also work, e.g. Barack Obama /date=2005-2006.
  2. Content boxes: Some built-in slashtags will display information in a content box at the top of the search result. For example, June 2011 /calendar or palo alto /traffic or AAPL /stock.
  3. Third party APIs: blekko also has third party API slashtags. You can search these APIs directly by adding these slashtags to the end of your search query. Examples include kittens /youtube or volcano /flickr or george r r martin /amazon.
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